Drone Sports Canada Official 2020 Championship Track


Velocidrone Preview Of Track DSC2020

Official 2020 DSC Sanctioned Races

July 25th 2020

DSC Montreal

July 25th 2020

to be announced

Drone Sports Toronto

to be announced

Start of August

Drone Sports Nova Scotia

to be announced

Kwads R Us

to be announced

Track Rules, Regulations & Specs

Description:  DSC2020 is the biggest track to date for our 2020 Championship track that will determine who are the best pilots in Canada. It starts with a mad dash through the start gate to the first gate around the flag to slow the pilots down entering the chicane. You enter a slalom of 4 flags that lead you from a big left into a 10 foot dive gate.  Exiting the dive gate you must roll right and get ready for the next section around and down a flag with two gates on each side then exiting right into the next flag with two gates again. Exiting the technical section brings you into a fast sections of 3 gates then 3 flags that makes you spiral in a circle controlled out to the last flag and gate combo to slow you down for the finish line!  

Track Size: 100ft x 150ft
Gates: 10
Flags: 10
Dive Gate: 1

Pilots up: 6

Drone Sports Montreal DSC006 of the 2020 season

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